David Minier served as an elected District Attorney for twenty-three years in the California counties of Santa Barbara and Madera.  During that time he prosecuted defendants in over three hundred jury trials, including thirty-six murder cases.  Among his internationally reported cases were the Chowchilla school bus kidnapping, the Santa Barbara Channel Oil Spill, and the assassination of two Turkish diplomats to avenge the 1915 Armenian massacres, which is featured in his novel, The Ararat Illusion.   
	A graduate of Princeton University and Stanford Law School, Judge Minier has also completed courses at the National Judicial College, National District Attorneys College, Judge Advocate General’s School, and Oxford University, England.  He has also served as a reserve military attorney, and was the Chief Justice of the California Military Appeals Panel.  David Minier also was a college instructor for various criminal law classes for over twenty years, and has served as a City Councilman, a county bar association president, and State Chancellor of the California Sons of the American Revolution.  David Minier was the plaintiff in Minier v. Central Intelligence Agency, when he sued the C.I.A. for withheld information about the John F. Kennedy assassination.
	As a Judge of the Superior Court, David Minier has presided in courts of over one-half of California’s counties.  Now retired, he continues to sit as an assigned judge throughout the central California area. 
	In his leisure time, David Minier has travelled in over one hundred countries, has climbed Mt. Fujiyama and Mt. Kilimanjaro, and has competed internationally in police athletic events.  In earlier days, David Minier was arrested in Congo as a suspected Belgian spy, and tried his first criminal case in the Hong Kong Supreme Court, defending himself.
	Long ago, Judge Minier tracked gorillas in Uganda with the legendary Ruben Rwangazire, whose fictional grandsons are featured in Minier’s new novel, Rafiki.

David Minier

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